Bodhi Referral Program

As a small family owned business, word of mouth is everything. Which is why we want to reward you for spreading the word about our products!

For instructions and full rules/conditions please see below.


The picture above shows where to enter your referral at checkout.


Qualified referrals* will receive 20% of the pre-tax/shipping subtotal in store credit (in the form of a coupon code) and the person that made the purchase and entered the referral will receive 10% of their pre-tax/shipping subtotal in the form of a coupon code. These credits will be issued within 14 business days after the qualified purchase.

Rules and Conditions:

Qualified referrals are defined as a previous customer that has referred a new customer to make a purchase through our site.

There are situations where a referral does not qualify for the referral program credit.

  • The person making the purchase (the referred customer) has already made a purchase through our site.

  • A person using a referral credit for their purchase cannot get new credit for making a referral on that purchase (cannot create a referral loop).

  • The person making the purchase (the referred customer) cannot be referred by someone that hasn't previously made a purchase of our products (proof of previous purchase may be required if we cannot match customer data to referral).

  • Referral credits expire 1 year from the date they are issued.

  • Multiple credit coupons cannot be used for a single purchase (if you have multiple credit coupons that you would like combined, please contact with your request).

  • Credit Coupons must be used in full (if you only only wish to use a portion of a coupon, please contact before your purchase if you wish to break up a credit into smaller amounts). Partial credits will not automatically be created if the full amount of a coupon is not used.

  • If a purchase payment fails or is reversed coupon codes will be voided if already issued (or not issued if credit has not been issued yet).

If you have any questions about our referral program, please contact