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Frequently Asked Questions


Why No Melatonin?

We have not included Melatonin in our sleep supplement, even though it's arguably the most common ingredient in many sleep supplements you'll see available. The reason for this is because Melatonin helps regulate your natural sleep cycle tied to day/night light patterns (otherwise known as your Circadian Rhythm). While some find this helpful in falling asleep, we believe it's mainly beneficial when traveling (to avoid "jet-lag"), but not as effective or efficient as a regular nightly supplement.


Will I Wake Up Groggy?

While everyone is different, we did not design our sleep supplement with the intention to be something that knocks you out, which removes the "hangover effect" some sleep aids may have. It's natural ingredients that are intended to help promote more restful sleep.


I took it for a night and didn't notice a difference, does it not work for me?

While everyone's body is different, we suggest taking the sleep supplement for at least 5 nights in a row to experience the full effects. We have found that it has a cumulative effect, so it may not be as helpful as a one off sleep aid (which it's not intended to be). Most users will start to notice the effects within 3-5 consecutive nights of use.

I'm not getting more sleep, what's the deal?

When we started designing the sleep supplement, the intention wasn't for it to provide MORE sleep (quantity), it was to improve the quality of the sleep a person already gets.

We know that in our busy society, sleep is often an after thought ("I'll sleep when I'm dead!") and rather than having the goal be to change a person's sleeping habits (which would most likely fail) our goal is to enhance and promote better optimized sleep, whatever amount that may be.

More sleep is not necessarily better, but improved sleep quality definitely is.


Over $2 a night for better sleep? Is it worth it?

Many people are in a constant cycle of low quality AND quantity of sleep. With busy work schedules, social engagements, family obligations, and a number of other things that keep us occupied, many people turn to caffeine and sugar to give them a temporary "pick me up". In moderation it may not be a big deal, but for many it's an unhealthy daily cycle.

Ask yourself this, if you were getting better sleep, would you feel the need to buy that $5 latte or $3 energy drink to keep you going everyday?

Investing just over $2 a night for better sleep isn't affordable for everyone, but neither is fighting the effects of low quality sleep with sugary caffeinated drinks regularly.

We think of our sleep supplement as an investment in yourself, because after all, a better rested YOU is a better person to be around :)