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Beezer is my 14 year old Labrador mixed with blue heeler, and is such a good boy.

Labradors are known for having hip pain/arthritis, so with Beezer reaching an older age, we noticed he was starting to suffer with the unavoidable arthritis. He would struggle to stand up and it would take about 15 seconds until he was finally standing.

We recently took him to the vet for a senior check-up and the vet prescribed Gabapentin for pain and inflammation. He did okay with the Gabapentin but NOTHING compared to the Bodhi Fuzzy Buddy Drops.

The Bodhi Fuzzy Buddy Drops worked 5 times better and did more in a weeks’ time than the 10 day supply of Gabapentin. For a ten day supply of Gabapentin the cost is $25 dollars meaning $75 for a full month so another great benefit of Bodhi Fuzzy Buddy Drops is the price!  

He doesn’t struggle as much getting up, he has a little more energy, and he’s back to his attention seeking belly rub self. All this is just the result of ONE weeks use, I can only imagine how he will feel after two weeks!

Submitted by: Heather B. in Las Vegas

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