Don't want to wait for shipping? Support us AND a local business by purchasing your Bodhi Care Products from these locations!


V&V Tack and Feed (Durango Location)

This store specializes in providing the best products for dogs and horses (and cats). With a super knowledgeable staff and friendly atmosphere, it's a great place to take care of your animals while feeling like part of the family. We're proud to have our Bodhi Fuzzy Buddy Drops available at this great local business!


Cottonwood Station Eatery

Burro Balm

A premium CBD Balm that kicks like a donkey!

Introducing Cottonwood Station Burro Balm, featuring a proprietary blend of Cottonwood Seed, Arnica, Lobelia, and Mullein plant extracts. 

Great for muscle aches, inflammation based pain, and various skin issues. Just apply a small amount to the effected area and allow to absorb (most users start to feel relief within 15-20 minutes).

Burro Balm's essential oil blend and Cottonwood Seed extract together give a refreshing scent of the desert just after rainfall.

Our compact design and spill resistant sealing disc make it easy to bring with when you're on-the-go. It's the perfect thing to have on hand after a hike or bike ride.

Stop by Cottonwood Station Eatery in Blue Diamond, NV and get your Burro Balm today!

BURRO BALM Label V1 (1) (1).png

Riding the open road isn't easy. It takes strength, endurance, and nerves of steel.

Unfortunately, it also takes a hell of a toll on your body.

The constant vibrations, harsh road conditions, and long rides can wreak havoc on your back, shoulders, hands, feet, and joints. That's why we've designed Biker Balm with the rider in mind.

With custom blends of Arnica, Lobelia, and Mullein extracts - Biker Balm offers relief from aches, muscle soreness, inflammation based pain, and various skin issues. 

Available in Original Leather Scent or Lavender, it spreads thin and is made to last. The sealing disc inside ensures you keep the balm in the jar and not all over your stuff. With a compact design it'll be more than worth the small space it takes up in your bag.

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