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We have a 6 year old Lab named Penny. She has always been a somewhat anxious dog, but never an aggressive dog.


She routinely carries shoes around the house- not to chew- just to carry as a sort of comfort to her.  She has always done this, we think it is due to the anxiety.  We put her best friend down in March and shortly after, even though not intending to get another dog so fast, we got a puppy.

Morty wants nothing more than to be the annoying happy- go-lucky little brother to Penny.  This included trying to play and jump on her every single minute he is awake.  Penny wants absolutely nothing to do with him.  In fact, we began to see a side of her we never had, little warning snarls at him and on two different occasions- she nipped him. 

We decided to try CBD treats for her and went to the local CBD store.  We got a bag to try that cost a small fortune and ended up not lasting even 2 weeks.  We did see a noticeable difference in how much better Penny was on them, and after a two week hiatus of no CBD decided to keep going with the CBD. 

Cue Fuzzy Buddy drops…. WHAT A LIFESAVER.  Upon giving them to Penny we saw an immediate difference that was FAR better than when she was on the CBD treats from the local store.  She was more chill, she even stopped carrying shoes around the house.  AND most importantly- she was able to tolerate Morty in all his puppy glory and even began to run and play with him in the yard.  Another plus- we got way more for our money with the Fuzzy Buddy drops.  We simply put it on Penny’s food and she doesn’t even notice. 

If you are on the fence about trying them, don’t be…just get them…you will not be sorry.

Submitted by: Beth Z. in Minnesota

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