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Otis is a 10 year old bloodhound (going on 11 this fall).

For a bloodhound, smelling & following scents are what they’re known for. So when Otis started having trouble with arthritis and it effected his ability to follow his nose - I thought it might be the end.

Otis' journey with Bodhi actually started with the Fuzzy Buddy Balm after he had trouble going up & down the stairs. It made a noticeable difference with his joints, so I was more than excited to try the Bodhi Fuzzy Buddy Drops.

Before the Fuzzy Buddy Drops arrived, Otis was in so much pain... I was on the verge of putting him down - not to go too far but you saved his life!

Within only a few days Otis was dramatically different. He is more active than he has been in months. He’s able to lay down & get comfortable quicker and gets up with much more ease. More importantly, he’s back to being able to wander and smell everything his heart desires.

I can tell how much of his life he’s gotten back thanks to the drops. I could not be more thankful for what this product has done for Otis and that he doesn’t have to live his final years in pain and discomfort.


Thanks again for making this product!!!

Submitted by: Amanda R. in Minnesota

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