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Lets start with my 5 year old 95lb Rottweiler mix who means the world to me, her name is Little.


She has always had weak back legs and a possible knee injury, so Little is prone to joint pain and stiffness.


Unfortunately, I cannot afford the $5,000 surgery that the vet recommended, and honestly, I'm not sure I would want to put her through a leg surgery. Recovery is very difficult and dog's are likely to injure the other leg during recovery due to them depending on the working leg for everything.


I love Little more than I can even describe, and I want her to live the happiest, longest, most comfortable life possible.


Since trying Bodhi Fuzzy Buddy drops, my sweet Little is very obviously more active, and a happier dog. In the morning there is no more limp after first waking up. Little now wakes up refreshed and eager to start her day and go for her daily walk around the neighborhood. No limp, no stiffness. Just a happy dog.


Thank you Bodhi Care Products! We are extremely happy with our results after using Bodhi Buddy Fuzzy Drops and would highly recommend using BODHI products to people and dogs alike!

Submitted by: Ilana S.

(Las Vegas)

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